Securing deposits

We provide a unique service that allows to secure deposits on cryptocurrency exchanges by storing it in cold wallets.
If, as a result of a hacking attack, the customers deposits are stolen from the exchange, the „Crypto Security Fund” may return the stolen cryptocurrency, partially stored in the cold wallets.
That ensures that trading on cryptocurrency exchanges is safer than ever before.

Security audits

We provide full due dilligence audits for companies in the cryptocurrency industry that check whether the security measures applied in your company are sufficient and meet the highest standards of security.



Security solutions

We provide software and hardware solutions that ensure the proper level of security for the blockchain industry. We offer as well protectie slutions af follow:

  • Data backup and recovery
  • Data and eDiscovery archiving
  • Encryption and tokenization
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Compliance management


Our services consist of several phases according to the methodology developed through our experience:  

1. Meticulous audit of your security systems

2. When necessary, introduces innovative protective solutions.

3. Granting a security certificate

At the same time, it also provides services consisting of storing a deposit by securing cryptocurrencies deposited by clients of exchanges and exchange offices.

In addition, CSF offers the possibility of securing the funds of its clients on principles already operating in the banking sector, i.e. on escrow banking accounts consisting in the opening of a fiduciary account, which is intended for conducting settlements.

It’s important to highlight that that these services are most innovative and unique on a global scale. There are few entities that approached the problem worldwide and we are most certainly one of the first to offer a real solution.


We are working on improving the quality of security systems of cryptocurrencies exchanges, making them resistant to all kinds of attacks.


We are working on improving the quality of security systems of cryptocurrencies exchanges, making them resistant to all kinds of attacks.


We are working on ensuring that cryptocurrency exchanges are reliable and prepared for every circumstance.


We are the first and only company that provide such sophisticated and unique services to make cryptocurrency world more secure. A company created solely for the cryptocurrency market.

To make your resources safe, we require

Implemented highly advanced IT security mechanisms

Implemented “Know Your Customer” procedures and the lack of acceptance for anonymous accounts.

Implemented “Anti Money Laundering” procedures.

Conducting business in accordance with local tax law.

A security deposit of up to 100% of customers cryptocurrencies.





Supported Exchanges


Jakub Mościcki

Jakub Mościcki

Founder and CEO

Jakub Mościcki
Founder and CEO

Jakub Mościcki

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Rafał Zaorski

Rafał Zaorski


Rafał Zaorski

Rafał Zaorski

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About us

We at Crypto Security Fund believe that blockchain technology is the next big revolution on the scale of the industrial revolution.

A revolution that will change the Internet and the whole world. It is a revolution of trust.
However, like any new technology, it also has some imperfections. Our goal is to eliminate these imperfections and make the cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency counters safe for their clients and their funds secured.

Our team consists of enthusiasts of blockchain technology, IT specialists and cryptocurrency traders who are committed to our goal and know this technology from scratch.

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